Burma Battles

By | March 22, 2016

This week Paul and Tom returned to their ongoing Burma 1942 campaign with the Battle of Pagoda hill.  The retreating British forces must counterattack the Japanese vanguard to prevent them taking high ground commanding the only river crossing available on route back to Rangoon.
The battle started cautiously for the British as they built up numbers to clear the defenders on Pagoda hill.  Their initial assault falling back in confusion due to poor communications.  A second attempt by Gurkhas was more successful, wiping out the defending troops and securing their first objectives.

The British remove the final resistance from Pagoda Hill

The Japanese, meanwhile were bringing up their own forces and sent in a counterattack against the now British-held high ground.  However, things did not go the Japanese way and after taking heavy fire, temporarily fell back, leaving the British victorious.
Rules used:  Blitzkrieg Commander 2nd ed.
Scenario from: Bloody Burma by Two fat Lardies

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