First stab at paper scenery

By | September 18, 2011

I guess typical for most clubs our scenery tends to the rural – the fields and villages of Normandy; the jungles of Vietnam; the rugged wastes of some fantasy landscape. Ancient ruins add to the mix but essentially mud and grass are the order of the day.

There are plenty of reasons, though, to want a more urban setting. We like a bit of pulp gaming and a few of us are looking at 7TV as a system. Superheros are rarely found meandering around the leafy lanes of wiltshire. Many WW2 conflicts were based in hotly contested towns and cities.

However, a few hedges, village houses and trees are not all that expensive. Several blocks of Manhatten real estate if done is resin would be.

So, I decided to shell out for some templates from World Works Games – their streets of mayhem range. This is a very US focussed range, but could proxy for some European cities as well.

I managed to get round to building the first block tonight:

First go at papercraft city

The roads need sticking to some foamboard for rigidity, but the process was pretty simple and the building looks pretty cool.

I guess my major concern is storage – these are big old blocks and within a short space of time, they’ll be taking up most of the garage if not careful!

Anyway – not a bad start and I’ll certainly be printing and sticking some more of these.


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