Fields of Glory – Das Grosse Projekt

By | May 21, 2014

As a follow up to Paul’s post, I too have experience of the game Fields of Glory but I recall many instances of trying to find different ways to change history and win as Napoleon.

When I came across it I was we’ll aware of  napoleonic war gaming having dabbled as a teenager with The Cornwall Wargames Society at Quintrell Downs.

Having had a few years off I was reintroduced to war gaming at the suggestion of my then fiancée  who suggested painting a few 15mm mini figs riflemen when Sharp  hit the TV. Little did she know what she was starting!

Now 20 odd years later I find myself gaming twice a week with two different groups. The Thursday lot are all historical and multiplayer games with us all having sizeable 15mm Napoleonic armies. Personally I have some British and French and a good sized Russian corps with the inevitable further corps to paint and a Polish division or two also looking rather shiny. The games ate often large and last several weeks and we struggle to agree on a rule set .

Then the Napoleonic bug bit Paul bigtime and I had to be in. I wanted something different to my 15mm armies and as I am a Wehrman in a re-enactment group 3rd batt 1st Silesian Landwehr I knew I wanted to do the Prussians.

So now I have a large painting task and as the main Napoleonic “expert” the task of making some sort of sense of force organisations and making that fit with Black Powder our chosen ruleset . More of that next time !

‘Ll also plot out my planned unit list and proposed painting schedule.

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