The Regiment of Foote

By | May 17, 2016


A rather lovely demo of Peter Pig’s English Civil War laid on for us, and sadly it was great. Sadly as I have some 28mm stuff half painted and really the last thing I need is temptation to deviate back to my beloved 15mm. Anyway… Dan’s Royalists showed a serious lack of get up and go whilst the Parliamentarians mounted an aggressively mobile defence.  The more experienced cavaliers finally made their experience tell on the left flank as their cavalry gained the upper hand but promptly ran off to loot the baggage. In the centre dull but reliable musketry kept the royalist attack in check and even in risk of envelopment on parliament’s far left. Great game, great miniatutes and a pleasing period flavour to the whole thing.  Damn you temptation.

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