Shadowrun: Seattle 2072

By | August 20, 2011

So I was very happy last week to crack open the Shadowrun books and re-start our campaign.

Here’s a brief resume of the session:

After the events of ’emergence’ the Runners spent a year in Hong Kong’s shadows, bulding up rep and nuyen and keeping their ear to the ground for hints of Tinman. They learned that he was back in a military police prison in Seattle. It is now 2072, HK has settled down politically, and the runners returned to Seattle a few months ago, exploiting their contacts and cashing in favours. It led them to a meet in the Drunken Non-Com in Fort Lewis with Corporal O’Hanlon.

The UCAS military wanted to release TinMan covertly, prior to his formal release date, into the care of the runners. Wanted him to keep a low profile and ideally for him to leave UCAS terriories asap. Runners hired in some extra back up (Wraith, Tal) who observed the meet from a seperate booth in the bar.

UCAS wanted to do the handover that evening at Fort Lewis Zoological Gardens. Enigmo summoned a watcher spirit and Bob was at hand in the mystery mobile with his commlink. Kitsune and Alex met with Major Jones and Captain Smith, the other runners out of sight or poised at high vantage points, rifles ready, Corporal O’Hanlon brought a orange jump-suited, head-bagged TinMan and he was released. The UCAS militiatry left, All good.

TinMan enjoyed his new freedom – stretching his limbs, chatting to his firends, walking around a little. As he stepped near the dog pound, the security fence dropped, and TinMan rolled around out of sight behind the building. The runners were met by three furious Barghasts, that were dispatched by efforts of all runners whilst Bob hacked into the Zoo’s security.

TinMan then rolled back into view, pulling a heavy pistol, and began pumping shots into Brian as a hellhound leapt out, trying to cover Kitsune in fire. The session ended with the Hellhound being killed by Wraith after having been levitated by Enigmo, and Tinman being taken down by Brian and Kitsune, after he injured both.

Kitsune is currently stabilizing TinMan’s condition as the runners leave into the Seattle night…

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