RPG’ing at the Hod – winter 2012/13 II – tempting the wargamers

By | September 29, 2012

Taken me a little longer than I’d hoped after my last post of 2 weeks ago to post again. Wanted to continue with potential games for later in the year that we may like to try at the Hod.

There is a lot of enthusiasm for the Saga game at the club at present, a game set in Dark Ages Britain where can battle it out as Vikings, Anglo Danes etc.  So given that…



As with Qin, Yggdrasill is a game written by the French company, 7th Circle, and translated and published by Cubicle 7.  As mentioned in the previous post, whereas Qin is set in a mythic historical China, Yggdrasill is set in 4th to 6th century Scandia, the Norse gods, the Aesier and Vanir, are real, the lives of the characters are immersed in tradition and their clan and family.  Destiny for each PC is determind by the casting of runes and broad concepts for character generation include nobles, warriors, sages, craftsmen, and travellers.  Magic is based upon bardic skaldic magic, runes, and sorcery.

All in all, I think it is a superb game and beautifully produced.

Here’s a link to C7’s page and includes an embedded video


All For One: Regime Diabolique

Continuing on the quasi-historical RPG theme, All For One is a game by the excellent Triple Ace Games and was released to great acclaim at the UK Games Expo in 2011.  Originally, it used the Ubiquity system but has now also been released for the Savage Worlds system.

All For One is sort of World of Darkness meets Dumas – the PC’s are members of the King’s Musketeers but in a France where dark and occult forces are active in the shadows.  The setting is fantastic and some great adventures have been released.  Great rules for subtle magic and alchemy, as well as fencing and fencing schools.

Gentleman Gamer on All For One

Game Geek on All For One

So two potential games to interest my lead -obsessed friends… but finally…

Iron Kingdoms RPG

So this is the setting of the very popular Warmachine and Hordes games, and unlike the previous d20 incarnation, uses its own system.  The book is gorgeous and on a preliminary flick through seems to draw on miniature combat too within the game.  PC’s come from the major races and nations from the setting and are broadly grouped into mighty, intellectual, gifted, or skilled, with 2 career choices being chosen.

Beasts of War review Iron Kingdoms RPG


There is a free intro adventure on the Privateer Press site so if people want to try it out as one shot, please give me a shout.


Next time I think a bit of horror – Trail of Cthulhu and the Laundry Files

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