All Hail

By | March 4, 2012

It’s been a while since we’ve had any juicy new posts, so thought I’d add a bit of colour with so photos of our return to Hail Caesar this weekend.


Into the valley of death

We were a bit restricted by the available space but still managed to get a taste of what massed 28mm armies can do to the geek salivary glands, much pretty toyness to drool over.  Will aim to post the scenario briefings etc should anyone wish to retry and hopefully one of the participants can give a brief battle report.


One thought on “All Hail

  1. tomabbott Post author

    An excellent game indeed.

    Essentially a rebellious roman commander teamed up with the Gaulish chieftain Badvoc to try and wrest control from he loyalist roman forces.

    This game had the rebels attacking the loyalists in a valley.

    The Gauls and their roman allies setup a battleline with the hard nuts in the centre, cav on the right and woods on the left. Naked fanatics and skirmishes out front. More skirmishers and 2 warbands approached from the right flank but marched into some woods which reduced their usefulness.

    The Romans built a very solid line across the valley with a decent force facing the infantry.

    In general things went as expected. The rebels achieved early wins bashing the roman line, roman cav and auxilia with major effect, causing several units to fall back in disorder. The serious veterans on the loyalist side were able to stabilise the situation and push back the initial rebel gains. Whilst a warbands did roll over the auxilia on the right, the lack of support lead to getting minced by the legions.

    A minor victory for the loyalists. Reprisals to start here no doubt.


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