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The fields of Raury – game 6

After securing Fontenay the allied forces pushed on to their objective of Raury. The allies were confident but now faced a difficult march over open countryside. What resistance would the German forces offer?    The British forces led the advance. A Sherman moved along the road and began to gain sight of the German lines.  Slowly… Read More »

The Battle for Fontenay – part 4 and 5

Proceedings begun with the allied prep bombardment, which had very little affect on the German units, just a few pins and several misses!  Turn one saw a flurry of activity as both sides looked to cover ground. Allies pushed hard on both flanks while the Germans pushed on into more advanced defensive positions. The AEC was… Read More »

Desert war

Here’s the start of the Desert War project. First up 30 odd LRDG/SAS plus supporting trucks and jeep. Also about 30 odd 8th Army with a Humber Mk II. Another LRDG truck on the way, this time with an auto-cannon and maybe a few more support options and transport. Also planning on some mid-war tanks… Read More »

The battle for Fontenay part 3

Following the grinding opening of the battle for the sprawling village of Fontenay it was up to the British and Americans to force the matter. Throwing a sizeable force into the frontline, was this risk going to pay off? Would the German lines be strengthened? Could there even be a counter attack? The next few… Read More »

BKC Burma campaign

A couple of us at the club have been playing through the Two Fat Lardies campaign book Bloody Burma. Proph and I have been using the Blitzkreig Commander rules with 6mm Japs and Brits and it’s been a lot of fun. So far we have played out 5 of the 24 scenarios and each game… Read More »