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The battle for Fontenay

Operation Martlet game 2.  With the sun now rising the British pushed on into Fontenay supported by fresh forces and heavier armour. The clock was ticking so they needed to move on.   The German defenders were better prepared, alerted by the fight on the outskirts.  The British forces pushed into the table, setting up fire positions for… Read More »

Multiplayer Crossfire

Run and reported by Mark – a good time was had by all, thanks. View all of the photos here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/65732239@N05/sets/72157628618521425/ On Dec 19th 2011 we played a three table mutiplayer WW2 X Fire game based upon a scenario published by Steven Thomas at http://www.balagan.org.uk/war/crossfire/index.htm Germans caught in  a pocket by Russians and trying to… Read More »