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15mm sci fi

There has been quite a bit of stuff going on for 15mm sci fi of late. The ranges from http://khurasanminiatures.tripod.com/ look especially interesting. I’ve been looking at both the Gruntz and Tomorrows War rules – opposite ends of the spectrum to my mind. Of the two it’s TW that is grabbing my attention right now, having… Read More »

Multiplayer Crossfire

Run and reported by Mark – a good time was had by all, thanks. View all of the photos here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/65732239@N05/sets/72157628618521425/ On Dec 19th 2011 we played a three table mutiplayer WW2 X Fire game based upon a scenario published by Steven Thomas at http://www.balagan.org.uk/war/crossfire/index.htm Germans caught in  a pocket by Russians and trying to… Read More »