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By | August 2, 2011

So I’ve been very happy with the opportunities I’ve had both to play lately and also to run some games.  One of my hopes for 2011 was to run some Savage Worlds and have managed to have 3 sessions of Savage Worlds Pulp using Triple Ace Games’ excellent adventures and pregens  So far we have played the free ‘rocket nazi’s on the orient express’ and the first adventure of Vol 1 of the adventure compendium, ‘to end all wars’.  I’d not GM’d Pulp before and, as a genre, it is great fun: not too serious, action-packed, cliches help, and everyone gets the references.  Lots of fun.  We ran a vote at the club, and the second-most popular Savage setting was sci-fi, so hope to run a one-shot for the Slipstream setting.  This is essentially 1950’s sci fi, so is pulp in space – bird men, bubble helmets, rocket ships and ray guns.  Here’s one of Kurt’s fun reviews on youtube

Down the line, want to see if Savage Worlds breaks with more serious, plot-focused games… love the Hellfrost setting and am enjoying the ideas coming out of Savage Mojo for the Suzerain meta-setting (realm hopping).

The other major highlight was running the beginnings of  a Legend of the Five Rings campaign for the new 4th edition.  The new releases are wonderul – beautiful books and streamlined rules from the previous 3rd ed.  We must have played 10 sessions and used some homebrew adventures, coupled with adapted adventures from 1st and 2nd ed, and  the excellent free RPG day release ‘legacy of disaster’.  For those who want a taster of L5R, this can be downloaded here and includes quickstart rules and pregens for easy samurai fun!  The Emerald Empire is out and hopefully ‘Great Clans’ is being released at GenCon.  Need to get this running again….

Finally, Shadowrun.  When I joined the club several years ago and offered to run something, this was the overwhelming answer I had.  For reasons that are unclear to me, your Warwickshire gamer loves a bit of ‘sixth world magic meets machine’.  We played this a lot a year or two ago and about to ressurect the group in the next fortnight.  See if my ageing brain can cope with the crunch, the dice pools. the hacking rules, the v quick and lethal combats…


Other hopes realized for me this year have been as a player I wanted to try some Wuxia-type RPGing and enjoyed my game of Feng Shui and Ninja Burger and also wanted to try out Fate.  Been lucky to have had a couple of sessions of Victorian Steampunk Fate and a prep session (character and city generation) for the Dresden Files RPG. Finally, and importantly, given the HBO ‘Game of Thrones’ show and the long-awaited release of Martin’s ‘A Dance with Dragons’, Bash’s excellent Song of Ice and Fire campaign continues.  My Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish clone, the Flint Targaryen Bastard, Lord Aemyr Snow, remains trying to survive combats and failing to be machiavellian enough,  Still, as we say in the North, Winter is Coming.


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  1. sticky Post author

    Very much looking forwards to a return to the Legend of the Five Rings! Kakita Tetsuri has Imperial heiresses to woo, Lions to better (not hard) and Cousins to steer through the social maze that is Rokugan.

  2. matthew Post author

    Well if ever anyone else wants to run L5R I have a Phoenix Shug who wants an outing…


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