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By | August 2, 2011

Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition

Currently ongoing, the campaign focuses around the ruins of the city of Kirighast. The group are now heading up one of the major factions within the remains of the city, attempting to broker peace deals with other groups.

Feng Shui

A taster intro to the world of ShadowFist, the game saw the brave heroes taking on a group of ganger punks who were in the employ of the mysterious Eaters of the Lotus.

 Dogs In The Vinyard

The Dogs graduated from Temple Falls and headed out into the wild frontier. Heading into Pine Creek they routed out a bad apple, as Brother Isaac had taken up with his Brothers wife, fermenting all sorts of demons.


GM less game, the ‘Heroes’ were unwanted cast offs from a demonic invasion of Earth. The first session saw them struggle to save loved ones and fight for thier indepenance from ‘The Man’

FATE Steampunk

An excellent start for a group of Victorian Adventurers, they helped the erstwhile Vig Thorsonson, suffering from a curse – based on an ancient Artifact ‘The Tiger of Mysore’. High Society evening do, a superheated coal station and a snowbound train yard were the backdrop for the action.

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