Saga, Bolt Action and getting thwacked at Kings of War

A few games on this evening. Firstly my Ratkin took a beating from Paul’s orcs. The dice were not smiling as the slaves ran away on the first turn leaving a huge gap.  We also had Saga and Bolt Action out plus ninja action and Blitzkrieg Commander.  Variety is the spice of life and all.  Off to thing… Read More »

Halloween Board Game Special – Betrayed & Sacrificed in the Name of Dark Gods

Halloween Board Game Special With Halloween approaching, eerie voices and distant, disturbing screams could be heard emanating from the basement of a particular Whitnash pub as we played Betrayal at the House on the Hill. Six brave adventurers ventured into a somewhat spooky looking House on the Hill, following an innocent girl’s request for help.… Read More »

Me & M Buonaparte – First painting…

So… having signed up for Mr Stacey’s little Nappy adventure (yes, we know that sounds wrong) and purchased a small mountain of finely crafted Perry plastic to make up the bulk of my 1813 Russian infantry companies, I sat down to paint a ‘test’ unit. Yes, we know its more usual to paint a test… Read More »

Me & M. Buonaparte (we got a thing going on…)

My name’s Dan and I’m a wargamer… It’s not quite as serious as a proper addiction, but it can be quite as embarrassing to family members if talked about in polite company. It’s cool to be geeky these days, but we have to draw the line somewhere. I’m comfortable with who I am and the… Read More »

15mm sci fi

There has been quite a bit of stuff going on for 15mm sci fi of late. The ranges from look especially interesting. I’ve been looking at both the Gruntz and Tomorrows War rules – opposite ends of the spectrum to my mind. Of the two it’s TW that is grabbing my attention right now, having… Read More »