Warhammer 40K – Space Wolves vs. Dark Angels

By | August 11, 2015

Monday Night. 1500 points of Warhammer 40K. Cleanse & Control with Tactical Objectives.

Space Wolves wreak terrible carnage among the Dark Angels, but not without cost!

I’ll never pause again, never stand still,
Till either death hath closed these eyes of mine
Or fortune given me measure of revenge.

The Game: Ancient Rivals Battle

The game went to the Space Wolves, though the Dark Angels claimed late vengeance.

A lethal barrage from Long Fangs and Wolf Scouts killed a small vanguard from the Ravenguard, scoring first blood for the Space Wolves in the very first turn.

Drop Pods rained from the sky, disgorging Dark Angels and Space Wolves to attack each other amid blasted ruins, while Harald Deathwolf and his Thunderwolf riders charged across the battle field to tear into the venerable Librarian leading the Dark Angels. Shrugging off a failed charge and a psychic shriek, the Thunderwolves eventually cut the Librarian and his bodyguard of Tactical Marines to pieces (scoring lots of game-winning points doing so).

Yet Dark Angels do not despair. They exact bloody vengeance, killing Space Wolves at every opportunity and, near the end of the battle, even bringing down Harald Deathwolf in a murderous storm of fire.

A victory for the Space Wolves in this ancient feud, but a costly one with plenty of new grudges to keep these two chapters’ bitter enmity going!

Rules Question of the Game 

No game of 40K without an odd rule question. In this game, the Dark Angels’ Librarians unleashed terrible Psychic Shrieks, a psychic power from the telepathy discipline, to keep the Space Wolves at bay.

But does Psychic Shriek require a roll to hit before resolving its effect?

A quick google search later … I am still not sure. It appears to be a hotly debated issue.

5 thoughts on “Warhammer 40K – Space Wolves vs. Dark Angels

  1. Russ

    Nice batrep. Do you guys have many 40k players? Trying to get back into action after having kids.

    1. Tom Abbott

      We do and it makes an appearance pretty regularly. If you join the forum you can arrange games with club members.


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