The return of Pulp – a treasure hunt in the British Museum

By | September 7, 2011

Last year I ran a fun 4 part pulp campaign. This year I have been helping Andy shape a new series and we ran game 1 this week – a treasure hunt in the British Museum.


We set these games in 1930something

The game involves 4 basic factions:

  • Alan Darktower – a much loved/hated hero who seem to have a knack of getting friends killed or captured only to come good in the last episode
  • The Germans – can’t have 1930s without evil Nazis. Our first campaign introduced the wonderful Hans und Karl – two hit men employed by the Nazis to undertake all sorts of nasty secret missions. Much hilarity around these two, but they are also hard as nails.
  • Professor Kaffenbach – a mad inventor with a mysterious Russian assistant. Is currently working with the Germans
  • The cultists – always conspiring to bring an end to the world, their efforts in campaign 1 were thwarted by Alan and his arab allies. But, there is always another plot around the corner to get excited about.

So, on to the first game of series 2!

Back story

Each of our factions becomes aware by various means of two artifacts of significance which can aid their current work – though for Alan, the objective is to protect these.

The artifacts are believed to relate to some mysterious cattle deaths in the US – hundreds of cows are found slaughtered but with no obvious cause.

Both artifacts are located in the British Museum and it so happens that whilst Alan is protecting them, the cultists and Germans happen to launch raids at the same time to steal the objects!

(note, there is a lot more to the back story than this, but I don’t want to give too much away for the players at this point. I’ll publish the full story at the end of the campaign)

So, all the factions descend on the British Museum – let mayhem commence!

In the musuem

Kudos to Andy for producing a fantastic floor tile British museum:

The British Museum

The British Museum

The Game

So, Alan, Prof. Eric Brown and some students started searching exhibits at one end of the museum whilst the cultists crept through the sewers under the building.

Cultists in the sewer

Cultists in the sewer

Meanwhile the germans abseiled from their stealth zeppelin – but disaster! Hans und Karl with one Kommando made it to the roof, but Prof. Kaffenbach, Ivan and the other Kommandos landed in the courtyard.

Continuing to search the exhibits Alan and the professor discovered some ancient Mayan artifacts that seemed important.

Hans und Karl got off the roof and met up with the other part of their group and proceeded to help Professor Kaffenbach to explore the exhibits. He must have left his monocle in the zeppelin as he couldn’t make head nor tail of the exhibits.

Professor Kaffenbach

Professor Kaffenbach

Meanwhile the cultists emerged from the sewers and quickly found more Mayan artifacts.

Cultists emerge from the sewer

Cultists emerge from the sewer

The Germans moved through the museum and engaged the students supporting Alan and Prof. Brown. One student is hit and the others become pinned behind cover. The Germans press their attack with Karl leading the assault.

The German party opens fire

The German party opens fire

Leaving the students to hold off the German forces Alan and Eric head through the museum to confront the cultists. They exchange fire with the cultists and are forced into cover.

Unfortunately for Professor Brown, Hans is able to sneak past the students covering fire and takes up a position behind the professor. Caught in cross fire from Hans and the cultists Eric goes down under intense fire!

Alan, seeing his friend go down rushes forward to help and take down his opponents.

Alan takes on Hans und Karl

Alan takes on Hans und Karl

Meanwhile the Germans and cultists exchange fire on the other side of the museum. The Kommandos lose one man, but the cultists suffer for their insolence.


The cultists take on the Kommandos

The cultists take on the Kommandos

Professor Kaffenbach still fails to find anything useful and with the sound of approaching police and army reinforcements outside, time is running out.

The cultists begin to withdraw with their booty and head back to the sewers. A brave Kommando follows but is cut down by Brother Socrates – the cultist leader.

Hans assaults the final student and takes him out. Karl is able to land shots on Alan. Alan doesn’t go down but with the professor out for the count and all the students dead things are looking bleak. Withdrawing to the stairs Alan seeks a way out, leaving the museum to the Germans. Hans und Karl seize Eric Brown and head back to the zeppelin with Kaffenbach and Ivan as the police storm the entrance.


The cultists made off with the most useful haul of artifacts and will have an advantage in the next game. The Germans failed to find anything but have captured Eric Brown and will be able to find out what he knows about the mysterious goings on. Hans und Karl are beginning to doubt the loyalty and value of Kaffenbach and Ivan though after their poor showing in the museum raid.

Alan, in typical fashion, finds himself without allies and with his best friend once again in German hands. How will he recover from this setback?

Episode 2Preview!

The various clues all point to something happening in British Honduras. So, we are off to Central America!

Will Alan be able to get someone to help him rescue the professor and get to the bottom of what is going on? Will anyone still want to be his friend?

Will the Germans get the information they need from Eric Brown. Do Hans und Karl trust Kaffenbach or will he suffer an unfortunate skydiving accident over the Atlantic? What is Ivan all about and why is this Russian refugee tagging along with Kaffenbach?

How will the cultists respond to their hard won information? Will the Spanish arm of the cult prove as dastardly and bloodthirsty as their European brothers?

And most important – what lies in the Honduran jungle that could be of such importance.

Find out in the next game!!

System note:

We used the latest edition of the .45 Adventures rules for this game. Much improved over edition 1 the new rules are much quicker to play and deal with multi-group games well. Previously the book keeping could bog a game like this down, but the revised d10 mechanic and approach to level 1 chars, hero points and combats made life a lot easier and the game ran smoothly and quickly.

Check them out at: Rattrap Productions

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