The fields of Raury – game 6

By | June 14, 2016

After securing Fontenay the allied forces pushed on to their objective of Raury. The allies were confident but now faced a difficult march over open countryside. What resistance would the German forces offer?

 The British forces led the advance. A Sherman moved along the road and began to gain sight of the German lines.

Slowly the advancing troops edged into the table and the first shots were exchanged. No immediate damage caused but both sides looked nervous of the open terrain.

 Conscious of the need to advance the British transports moved on supported by the tanks. The German PAK40 opened up and left the Cromwell a smoking wreck.
 The Centaur took revenge and launched its HE rounds at the German anti-tank gun, destroying it and the crew.
 The British continued to advance, laying down smoke to hinder the German line of sight whilst trying to keep vulnerable infantry in the cover of moving vehicles.

 The German lines stayed steady waiting for their moment – the arrival of their outflanking forces. The arrival was well timed and veteran German forces piled into the advancing British.

The British forces were shaken but not routes by the sudden assault. But the sound of heavy tanks struck fear into the attackers – the Panzer IV advanced onto the flank of the British and suddenly chaos reigned!
 The British advance ground to a halt under the assault on it’s right flank. Units exchanged fire and the Sherman was immobilised. Assaults saw one British unit wiped out and the Panzer IV come under infantry attack.

The German veterans could not stand up to the concentrated fire and HE rounds. Whilst the Panzer seemed invulnerable, the German veterans took heavy casualties and were wiped out.
 Pressing forward the British sought to consolidate their position attacking the deep German line whilst surrounding the heavy German tank with the remaining armour.

The British were clearly rattled and could not get a shot landed on the German tank.

As the battle reached its conclusion the British finally assaulted the German positions, taking out a field howitzer and a defending unit. The German’s, however now moved to head off the advancing British and quickly dealt with the attackers.
 The British began to consolidate their gains whilst the Germans repositioned for the expected fresh assault.
 The field remained contested.

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