The battle for Fontenay

By | April 26, 2016

Operation Martlet game 2.
 With the sun now rising the British pushed on into Fontenay supported by fresh forces and heavier armour. The clock was ticking so they needed to move on.

The German defenders were better prepared, alerted by the fight on the outskirts.
 The British forces pushed into the table, setting up fire positions for their machine gun.

 Incoming! The first German mortar round fell and took out the been carrier. First blood to the Germans.

The British pushed on with the Germans taking up defensive positions. Infantry inched forward trying to hold cover and avoid attracting German fire. A Sherman rolled slowly up the flank whilst an AEC armoured car pushed along the road.
 The German mortar began hitting allied positions with incredible accuracy, the HE rounds inflicting horrible damage. An ambush was sprung and the advancing British were hit by machine guns and rifles, sending the remaining troops scurrying for cover.

The allies advance stalled as the German positions started to fire on the troops. Even the British sniper was struggling to keep his head up long enough to find a target.
 Finally some luck for the British. The Sherman and AEC managed to catch a Puma in the open. Two rounds later the Puma was ablaze and abandoned. Could the British make their advantage with armour count?

Not if the German panzerfausts had their way!
 The Sherman pushed forward but its fire into the church was ineffective. The Germans were not as forgiving and left the Sherman a burning wreck.

In the middle of table the weight of allied troops finally told against the veteran defenders, but even taking the farm house proved costly, and the British were not able to finally clear the farm.
 The allied mortars finally found their target and with both sides exhausted, the fighting began to die down.
 We ended with no clear victor, though the Germans probably had the best of it. The central farm house remained contested but neither side had enough to force a decisive victory.

The choices for the Germans is either to reinforce their position, fall back to their next line or counter attack.
 The allies need to either take the table with a fresh push or fall back to their previous position and consolidate. Not sure what the British commanders would make of that last option!
 Decisions decisions!!

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