The battle for Fontenay part 3

By | May 3, 2016

Following the grinding opening of the battle for the sprawling village of Fontenay it was up to the British and Americans to force the matter. Throwing a sizeable force into the frontline, was this risk going to pay off? Would the German lines be strengthened? Could there even be a counter attack? The next few hours could be crucial.

The Americans and British quickly started their advance whilst the German defenders began reinforcing position. A few early casualties on both sides reminded everyone that this was likely to be a bloody encounter.

The British Cromwell tank tried to deal with the defenders in the church, but its HE rounds were ineffective. Two armoured cars advanced up the right flank only to be chased off by a well positioned Panzershreck. British sniper fire started to take it’s toll on the Germans left in the bunker. The MG42 gunner took a bullet as he tried to line up his machine gun.

The Germans hurried defenders forwards and managed to get a fanatical SS unit into the farm house, storming the building and wiping out the defending British.

On the allied left, American units made good progress with engineers well positioned to bring their flame thrower to bear.

The new defenders in the farm house took casualties from British rifle fire and the American engineers swung into the courtyard, first pouring deadly flames into the bunker and then into the farm house, removing all but one of the defenders. The last NCO was shot by the sniper and finally the allies had taken the farm.

The Germans had the last laugh, however, as once again the accuracy of the mortar team was evident. A single mortar round exploded in the courtyard, killing all but one of the engineers.

From here on the allies rolled forward. The Humber scout car took out the Panzershreck team whilst the Cromwell threatened the other flank. Its fire remained ineffective.

In the centre mid communication between American and British forces led to one American unit being caught in the open. It became the focus for German shooting and was taken out.

Finally the British assaulted the church and took the building. The American Greyhound attacked one of the units that had shot up their supporting infantry and got revenge.

The German defenders began to fall back to their next defensive line.

At last the allies have a strong foothold in Fontenay.

This was another hard fought game with the German defenders holding on in impressive fashion and exacting a fearsome price from the allies.

The allies need to decide wether to push on hard or take a breather. The Germans fall back to the next line of defence and prepare for the next assault.

Can the allies take Fontenay and push into Raury? It’s not going to be easy!

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