Trouble at Vulture Creek

By | October 31, 2011

4 years ago Sheriff John Steele hanged Ezekiel Clopton for murdering Eric Weiss in a feud over cattle rustling and land grabbing around Vulture Creek. As he stood on the gallows Ezekiel used his last words to curse any man who brought harm to either of his sons (Jacob and Jebediah) and that he would ride from hell and raze the town should it happen.
The feud has continued with further claims on land and property, violence and vengeance. Two months ago Jacob and Jeb led a retaliatory raid on a Weiss homestead; their vengeance not sated by material gain they burned the house to the ground, killing the young family inside.
Sheriff Steele raised the posse that eventually rode the brothers down and hauled them back to town. Steele spent 3 sleepless nights thinking about what to do next. Why would a god fearing lawman have need to fear the superstitious nonsense of a curse? But the memory of Ezekiel Clopton’s hatred and burning eyes as he stood by the noose made him think twice. The town filled with Weisses and Cloptons demanding justice for their side. After a long meeting with the town preacher his mind was made. At noon that day, Jeb and Jacob mounted the steps to the gallows from which they were duly hanged. As their bodies were cut down, a dust storm began blowing in from the East. By 2pm the town was cut off from all around by billowing clouds of tempestuous sand. Inside the town an eerily calm twilight fell, slowly turning a blood red as the falling sun filtered through the enveloping sand. Sheriff Steele and pastor Tom sat in quiet contemplation on the balcony of the saloon watching as the sun offered a final sanguineous dusk when deputy Lawrence came through the door. “My apologies to disturb you sirs, but…. there’s something I think you need to come and see.”

(Such is the scene for tonight’s Halloween multiplayer. One side gets Sheriff Steele and his lawmen, another Ol’ Tom Moore and his flock, also some angry Cloptons and some  quite upset Weisses – can they set their differences aside to face a common threat? Something wicked this way comes…)

Quiet on main street...


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