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  1. Dave Scott


    I’ve not long since moved into the area, and have been looking for a new gaming group to hang around with – it certainly sounds like you like playing some of the more esoteric titles out there which is right up my street… I might drop by one evening to say hello proper.

    Also, due to a large number of my figures being damaged in transit I am also looking for someone brave enough to take on painting a fair stack of figures (there’s only so many I can get through myself!) – do you have any local recommendations? I’m not after a fancy job or anything – quick and dirty is fine for me!!


    Dave Scott

    1. paul Post author

      Welcome Dave, if you haven’t already, head on over to the forum (link on top bar) and you’ll almost certainly get answers to any questions you might have and offers of a game or two I’m sure. The genres and systems that get played are certainly diverse!

  2. Trev

    Hi ,
    Looking for a RPG in Kenilworth , pref player but might be persuaded to run a runequest campaign .
    Cheers , Trev .

    1. Trev

      Just to add ,
      I’ve registered on the forums but am unable to post as yet . I’m 41 and haven’t pen and paper RP’d for 20ish yrs , I’ve done a lot of freeplay/Kriegspiel types recently ( Generic Fantasy/Cthulhu ) . Also got enough unpainted or based stuff for WHFB,LOTRSBG,NECROMUNDA,SAGA,etc just need some time to sort it all out .
      I can host 4-5 at mine . If I’m GM’ing I’ll need some time to sort/read through rules ( recently bought a load of Runequest stuff , but have Cthulhu/merp/stormbringer )
      I’ll try and get to the Hod one night , but was looking for a maybe once a month RPG night .
      I don’t drive so further afield would be problematic .
      Cheers , Trev

      1. Trev

        Further to the above ( I do waffle on )
        If it’s local I’d be open to any game providing it’s ( relatively ) low cost . Ie. read things about World of Twilight/Malifaux?/etc I think I could run to 10-12 decent miniatures if the game would be regular .
        Cheers , Trev .

  3. Trev

    I’m not desperate though ,
    And my partner says she’s more than happy for me to continue wandering around the house like a smacked arse thats lost its fun . :)P

  4. paul Post author

    Hi Trev, sorry for forum delay we have 2 admins, one is on holiday and the other works in IT so doesn’t check e-mails very often… sad but true. Will be sorted shortly I hope. That’s the best place for sorting games out etc but your list looks like you shouldn’t have a problem getting something sorted out. Not played Malifaux much recently myself but have a lot of World of Twilight stuff that I need motivating to get painted and on the table.

    1. tomabbott Post author

      oi! :-) was about to approve and you beat me to it!

      welcome Trev!

  5. Trev

    Thanks Paul and Tom ,
    Unfortunately I still can’t post .
    So I’m going to try and make it to the Hod on Monday , just to say hello and stare .
    Cheers , Trev .

  6. Matt Palmer

    I have applied to register on the forum. I’m a warhammer collector and enjoy collecting/painting miniatures. Just wondering if you guys ever play old warhammer rules, as I collect primarily Empire, Kislev and Dogs of War, which frustratingly cannot be used in new rules!

    1. tomabbott Post author

      I leave it to others better suited to answer about those, but plenty of WFB players to advise

  7. Daimien Brown

    I got this address off GHQ, I just found in my attic a shoe box full of this GHQ Microarmor, there are tanks (a lot), troops, railway track and armor train, jeeps, half tracks etc. Don’t know its value but if some one is interested in expanding there collection drop me a mail.

  8. Peter Wilson

    Hi all,

    Hoping to come down when get chance, big 40K player not much else but going to sort my self out a Fantasy army. Thanks for the Link Phill.

  9. Thom Willis

    Big 40K player with Space Marines and hoping to come down semi-regularly if 40K players are around, and if you’ll have me?
    Any requirements alongside the £2 per time?


  10. Robert

    hello there

    Just been clearing out my dad’s attic and found a box of classic RPG books/magazines from about 30 years ago: AD&D, Traveller, Runequest, White Dwarf… All in good condition.

    I’d like them to go to a good home. Any offers or suggestions?

    Robert Alcock


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