Yggdrasill – session 1

By | January 31, 2013

I am very grateful to Phil for summarising the first session – or should I say Janka the Skald?

The Great Jarl Hrolf Knudson drempt dreams sent by the Gods
Great will be the slaughter and death of the land

Auguries are saught a trip to the north is found
Great the talk for naught as the Hrolf commands

Saught are the heros to answer the quest
Five are found to travel answers to find

The master of the seas beloved of Njord
Svein Sigurdson delivering Heroes to their fate

The Jarls man to speak in the North
Sigurd Ivarsson to defend and save the land

The Sear of great stature to see the way
Vendrad Lodinson to advise heroes as to right

Odin’s man to man the wall with might
Modi the face of death for many

And the Bard to chronicle all
Janka to tell the story of the five

A fine ship and provitions the Jarl did provide
To save his clan and land

To the North the five did travel
Great skill did the master show

Red sailed Pirates that barred their way
Njords blessing was shown through his skill

Deep were the mists we came apon one morn
Thick frost did cover the ship

Pillars of frost are spied
distance done and fate met the Sear cries

Beware the gardians that do reside
protecting the queen beyond

Through the pillars of Ice did the master glide
A wonderous land to find

There the five battled gardians as foretold
A horde a monster did hard press the five

Swift was Odins Sons red blade
cleaving all that came in two

Preserving was the Sear
blessing of the gods armour were made

The five reside upon the Ice Queens shore
sacrifice to gods and death abound

Questions to be asked
Debts will be paid

We played for 2.5 hours on Monday night – starting off with character creation.  As Phil has noted, we have a ship’s captain/merchant, a Thulr, a berserker, a skald, and a Hirdman.

Rules moved very quickly and combat smooth – Berserker was v deadly even without using furor!  Prior to next session, need to read up on combat feats/magic and try and clarify if a skill is linked to a specific characteristic when used, or changes with context of roll.  For example, is Climbing linked to Strength or Agility?

Players loved the setting and grateful to Moe for bringing bag of rune stones that were very evocative for char gen.

Next session a week on Monday, and think we have more players joining!  Thanks to all the players and particularly Phil for superb poetic write-up!

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