Yggdrasill: Offerings to the Great Winter

By | January 5, 2013

For those interested in trying out the Yggdrasill RPG (please see previous RPG posts), the introductory adventure is called Offerings to the Great Winter

The adventure is set in the Kingdom of Denmark, in a period between the 4th and 6th centuries, recently reunited after King Frodi killed his brother Halfdan, married his brother’s widow, and re-unified the lands of Scania and Sjaeland into one Kingdom.


The players are of Clan Kjari, of the City of Rohald, of the Isle of Fyn.  The Clan and Isle’s jarl is Hrolf Knudson, friend and lieutenant to Hord Beinirsson, Lord of Odense.  Both jarls have to date avoided paying homage to King Frodi in his capital of Hleidra.

The adventure is a mystical and political quest, with investigative and combat elements.  PC’s should be trusted companions of Hrolf Knudson – family members, valued advisors, wise men or women, or valiant warriors.


Character creation is a ‘point and buy’ system, with archetypes and vocations giving privileged skills and possible gifts.  Archetype is a broad category with vocations specific examples within.


The archetypes are Noble (with vocations of Jarl, War Chief, Counselor), Warrior (Hirdman, Berserker, Mercenary), Sage (Volva, Thulr, Skald, Healer), Worker (Craftsmen, Farmer, Forester, Miner), Traveller (Merchant, Emissary, Wandering Blacksmith, Spy).


So, a possible example group could consist of a Jarl (perhaps the heir to Hrolf Knudson), an Emissary, a Thulr, a Skald, a Hirdman and a Berserker.  Alternately, a possible group would be a Spy, a Forester, a War Chief, a Volva, a Counselor, and a Mercenary.

I’ll bring the book down on Monday and hopefully can get some interested people together.



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