RPG’ing at the Hod – Winter 2012/13

By | September 9, 2012

We have paused ‘The One Ring’ at present due to real life demands meaning two of the regular players can’t make Monday evenings at the moment – but I do hope to finish ‘Tales from Wilderland’ over the Christmas break.


Moe has kindly offered to run some Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1st edition (and I’ve found my old rulebook from 1986!) so looking forward to that!  I want to run another 1-2 sessions of Dungeon Crawl Classics as had an awesome session playing ‘sailors on a starless sea’ and we have now some level 1 PC’s!  Finally, to let the wargamers get their Shadowrun fix, need to find a non-club night for more fun in LA with Horizon.

There are a few (well almost a dozen!) games I’d like to try at the club – either for just a couple of weeks, or longer, if people enjoy them.  So, if any of the games below appeal to you, let me know.


Perhaps this may not be anyone’s favourite genre at present given that have been playing ‘The One Ring’, prior to that DnD4e, and next WFRP1st ed, but would like to try GM’ingPathfinderDragon AgeArs Magica, or one of the fantasy settings for Savage Worlds.

Paizo produce some beautiful books for Pathfinder, and lots of support for the game in terms of excellent adventures and a well detailed fantasy setting.  Also, fairly familiar rules for most RPG’ers as is referred to as DnD v3.75 – so d20, classes, feats, levels, skills, etc. The temptation to run this comes from the release of the new anniversary edition of the acclaimed ‘Rise of the Runelords’ campaign. Review here: http://www.enworld.org/forum/en-world-official-reviews/327525-pathfinder-review-rise-runelords-anniversary-edition.html


Dragon Age is a boxed set, from Green Ronin, and serves as an excellent entry to RPG’ing and is set in the world of the popular computer games.


I’ve played some Savage Worlds – have run both pulp games (Daring Tales of Adventure) and Deadlands, but am keen to try a fantasy setting, either Hellfrost or 50 Fathoms.  Hellfrost is a scandinavian-inspired setting with the world being progressively frozen, and magic failing.

Hellfrost Review

50Fathoms is often referred to as the best Savage Worlds campaign and combines fantasy with swashbuckling in the world of Caribdus.

Ars Magica may not strictly be fantasy – an alternate history mediaeval Europe where magi band together in the Order of Hermes. I’ve played this game on and off for a long time, but thought about a brief game with the PC’s as apprentices at a major covenant.

Review of current edition here:  http://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/10/10968.phtml


Books I’ve been reading over the summer, that I’d like to run, include Bulldogs!Qin, and Marvel Heroic Roleplaying.

Bulldogs! is a FATE (like Dresden Files) Sci-fi game, but allows you to play Space Opera with good for nothing sci-fi heroes – so think Serenity/Firefly, Han and Chewie before they met that strange old man in a Tatooine cantina.

Review of FATE sci-fi games

Qin is a wuxia game set in historical ancient china.  So martial arts, wise men, soldiers, taoists.  Was lucky enough to play at the UK Games expo and had a superb time – session run by the Gentleman Gamer who reviews the game here:

Qin review


Marvel Heroic Roleplaying is the newest version of a RPG based on the Marvel Universe and uses the Cortex system (as in Serenity RPG).  The game focuses on playing out set pieces from the Marvel timeline using heroes from the comics.

Review here

I think that’s enough for now…. others on my list I may post about next week include Trail of Cthulhu, Wu Xing, the Laundry RPG (based on Charles Stross’ books), Yggdrasil (Scandinavian RPG – fit in with Saga?) and All For One (alternate history musketeers and 17thC France).  And of course, for the Warmachine and Hordes fans, the Iron Kingdoms RPG out soon too….


So if any of these grab your attention, let me know – either via the club or the forum




2 thoughts on “RPG’ing at the Hod – Winter 2012/13

  1. shortymonster

    50 fathoms comes highly recommended from me. My pal Rich ran it for us a while back, and although he tweeked a few things to fit his play style – a reworked initiative system, and making a bit more of the various guns available so that one skill didn’t cover all of them – it played just as fast as Savage Worlds, and he had a great time playing with the scarier aspects of the game world. there’s a reason i cited him in my post about running horror games…

  2. matthew Post author

    Thanks shortymonster – good to have a recommendation! I’ve heard great things about 50 fathoms on the forums and was delighted when the new Explorer’s ed came out earlier in the year. Have you guys discussed it on G*M*S magazine at all?


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