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By | September 5, 2012

Dungeon Crawl Classics

We had an excellent one shot of this new ‘retro’ game.

The game is marketed as a classic dungeon crawl: monsters, traps, and treasure.  One of the nice features is that of the ‘funnel': players start with a few level 0 peasants, some of whom die in the first adventure, leaving the rest to take on a class and enter level 1.

We used the fantastic char gen tool from Purple Sorcerer http://purplesorcerer.com/tools.htm and had 6 players each with 3 PC’s.

I ran ‘Sailors on the starless sea’, a level 0 adventure from Goodman Games.  The peasants seek out those who are abducting their fellow townsfolk, leading them to an ancient fortress and beastmen…

The adventure suggested that 1/2 to a 1/3 of the PC’s would perish and this was bang on – from our 18 peasants, 11 adventurers returned.

Level 1 heroes:

Halstead, Ropemaker
Stobbie, Beggar
Striker, Mercenary
Henery, Animal Trainer
Spotty, Hunter
Pierre St John, Confidence Artist
Grot, Grave digger
Magical Burt, Alchemist
Lucy Whitefoot, Halfling Glovemaker
Maurice, Halfling Haberdasher
Nobby, Halfling Gypsy

Our fallen comrades:

Hal Ironbark, Elven Barrister (brave leader of the band)
Brian, Radish Farmer
Greybeard, Caravan Guard
‘Arold, Herbalist
Cameron, Cheesemaker
Monotov of the Mountains, Dwarven Mushroom Farmer
Grant, Astrologer

As we all remember from D+D Basic, Halfling, Dwarf and Elf are classes with the humans able to pick from Magic User, Fighter, Thief and Cleric, and DCC works the same with the Halflings all becoming Level 1 Halflings, and humans picking from Cleric, Thief, Warrior, and Wizard.

I really enjoyed running this and hope to do so again: simple rules, well written and fun to read, very much like the Patron and Magic rules, and the quality of published adventures is v high.  These are produced not only by Goodman Games, but also Purple Sorcerer and the excellent Thick Skull Adventures http://www.thickskulladventures.com/


The One Ring: Tales from Wilderland


We have also finished ‘kinstrife and dark tidings’, from Tales from Wilderland, now just released in hard copy.  This is a brilliant series of adventures and we have four more to play through.

Youtube preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=NtFTpXJ4d0A#!

We’ve run 9 sessions, and the Fellowship each have had 18XP’s and 30 AP’s thus far, and have Lake Town, Woodmen Hall, Easterly Hall as sanctuaries, and Radagast and Beorn as patrons.

Very much looking forward to running more of this, and future releases from Cubicle 7


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