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MDF Scenery

While at the WMMC show I found a stand selling MDF scenery, mainly building but also things like walls and carts.  I have been wondering how good these kits were so decided to invest in a 28mm utility cart as I have been looking for one for a while and at £3.60 it was cheap… Read More »

Saga – vikings vs welsh

Doc and I played out a good game of Saga yesterday. Playing the escort scenario we had the viking warband trying to get their booty of horses, cows and sheep across the table faced with a welsh force trying to get them back – all played with the basic warbands. I started by screwing up… Read More »

First stab at paper scenery

I guess typical for most clubs our scenery tends to the rural – the fields and villages of Normandy; the jungles of Vietnam; the rugged wastes of some fantasy landscape. Ancient ruins add to the mix but essentially mud and grass are the order of the day. There are plenty of reasons, though, to want… Read More »

First crack at Hail Caesar

Tonight we will be trying out HC for the first time. My Celtic horde is presentable and itching to take on the Romans. We’ve been looking forward to this for some time. Hope to get a report up later this week.

Saga – gripped by the beast

Just got my pre-order in for the new Saga ruleset by Gripping Beast. Really looking forward to this one as have long fancied some unwashed hairy viking action. However, true to my mothers’ roots I have gone for a welsh war band and also some Anglo-Danes for some border raiding and general clashing. No doubt… Read More »

How big’s that tank meant to be?

We still couldn’t quite work out how the figures were quite meant to scale relative to the terrain*, but frankly it didn’t matter as Dystopian Wars land forces proved to be just as much fun as their naval cousins. Myself and Phil unleashed a starter set of Empire of the Blazing Sun (Japanese) against Kingdom… Read More »