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The battle for Fontenay

Operation Martlet game 2.  With the sun now rising the British pushed on into Fontenay supported by fresh forces and heavier armour. The clock was ticking so they needed to move on.   The German defenders were better prepared, alerted by the fight on the outskirts.  The British forces pushed into the table, setting up fire positions for… Read More »

15mm sci fi

There has been quite a bit of stuff going on for 15mm sci fi of late. The ranges from look especially interesting. I’ve been looking at both the Gruntz and Tomorrows War rules – opposite ends of the spectrum to my mind. Of the two it’s TW that is grabbing my attention right now, having… Read More »

ECW on the horizon

There was much salavating from certain of us with the release of Pike and Shotte, but that was tempered by the realisation that the armies that in my head will be marching to the cause of King and country are in fact a pile of unpainted plastic and lead. The challenge is on though, myself… Read More »

More Hail Caesar

So another game of Hail Caesar pitching the rebellious Gauls and Romans against Caesar’s loyal legions. It was my turn to run the scenario so here’s the summary. After the initial rebel attack on the loyal legions the local commanders were given the order to make an example of the Gauls. Legions descended on villages… Read More »