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All Hail

It’s been a while since we’ve had any juicy new posts, so thought I’d add a bit of colour with so photos of our return to Hail Caesar this weekend.   We were a bit restricted by the available space but still managed to get a taste of what massed 28mm armies can do to… Read More »

Roman Painting Guide

This isn’t so much a shamless plug for my own blog as a lack of time to copy over, but I’ll put the steps on here once I’m done in tandem.  It’s not exactly a tutorial so much as a dsiplay of how the Army Painter spray and dip can knock out good looking units… Read More »

Shadowrun: Seattle 2072

So I was very happy last week to crack open the Shadowrun books and re-start our campaign. Here’s a brief resume of the session: After the events of ’emergence’ the Runners spent a year in Hong Kong’s shadows, bulding up rep and nuyen and keeping their ear to the ground for hints of Tinman. They… Read More »