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We are still here, honest!

To anyone reading this, you will have noticed a lack of updates on the front page.  This is purely down to oversight and the club has been meeting weekly and playing a good variety of games. Since Fields of Raury the club has played an Age of Sigmar campaign and is currently in the middle… Read More »

The Regiment of Foote

A rather lovely demo of Peter Pig’s English Civil War laid on for us, and sadly it was great. Sadly as I have some 28mm stuff half painted and really the last thing I need is temptation to deviate back to my beloved 15mm. Anyway… Dan’s Royalists showed a serious lack of get up and… Read More »

Saga, Bolt Action and getting thwacked at Kings of War

A few games on this evening. Firstly my Ratkin took a beating from Paul’s orcs. The dice were not smiling as the slaves ran away on the first turn leaving a huge gap.  We also had Saga and Bolt Action out plus ninja action and Blitzkrieg Commander.  Variety is the spice of life and all.  Off to thing… Read More »

Me & M Buonaparte – First painting…

So… having signed up for Mr Stacey’s little Nappy adventure (yes, we know that sounds wrong) and purchased a small mountain of finely crafted Perry plastic to make up the bulk of my 1813 Russian infantry companies, I sat down to paint a ‘test’ unit. Yes, we know its more usual to paint a test… Read More »

Me & M. Buonaparte (we got a thing going on…)

My name’s Dan and I’m a wargamer… It’s not quite as serious as a proper addiction, but it can be quite as embarrassing to family members if talked about in polite company. It’s cool to be geeky these days, but we have to draw the line somewhere. I’m comfortable with who I am and the… Read More »

RPG’ing at the Hod – winter 2012/13 II – tempting the wargamers

Taken me a little longer than I’d hoped after my last post of 2 weeks ago to post again. Wanted to continue with potential games for later in the year that we may like to try at the Hod. There is a lot of enthusiasm for the Saga game at the club at present, a… Read More »

28mm, 15mm or others?

There’s been a lot of 28mm stuff on my painting table of late. I’ve had the 28mm celts, ECW and Tommies from Warlord plus artizan commandos, WFB skaven and Saga warbands. This is all great and makes for fab tables, but everytime I look over my shoulder at the pile of unpainted stuff my heart… Read More »

MDF Scenery

While at the WMMC show I found a stand selling MDF scenery, mainly building but also things like walls and carts.  I have been wondering how good these kits were so decided to invest in a 28mm utility cart as I have been looking for one for a while and at £3.60 it was cheap… Read More »