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In the movies

Had our second session of re-commenced Shadowrun game last night. Following the rescue of TinMan, the Seattle news has been filled with stories of The Ancients, an Elven gang, disrupting the rehabilitation of a prisoner in the Zoological Gardens.  Pundits criticise metahumans undermining the authority of UCAS and  Humanis Policlub are milking the story for all they… Read More »

Shadowrun: Seattle 2072

So I was very happy last week to crack open the Shadowrun books and re-start our campaign. Here’s a brief resume of the session: After the events of ’emergence’ the Runners spent a year in Hong Kong’s shadows, bulding up rep and nuyen and keeping their ear to the ground for hints of Tinman. They… Read More »

ENnies results 2011

Results out over night for ENnie awards. Looks like Paizo’s Pathfinder and Evil Hat’s Dresden Files did very well   Fans’ Favorite Publisher Gold: Paizo Publishing Silver: Wizards of the Coast Product of the Year Gold: Advanced Players Guide, Paizo Publishing Silver: The Dresden Files RPG, Evil Hat Best Game Gold: The Dresden Files RPG,… Read More »

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My GM’ing recently

So I’ve been very happy with the opportunities I’ve had both to play lately and also to run some games.  One of my hopes for 2011 was to run some Savage Worlds and have managed to have 3 sessions of Savage Worlds Pulp using Triple Ace Games’ excellent adventures and pregens  So far we… Read More »

Current and recent RPGs

Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition Currently ongoing, the campaign focuses around the ruins of the city of Kirighast. The group are now heading up one of the major factions within the remains of the city, attempting to broker peace deals with other groups. Feng Shui A taster intro to the world of ShadowFist, the game… Read More »

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