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Dungeons and Dragons Next – Playtest packet 2: Character Generation

The second packet of playtest materials for the next edition of Dungeons and Dragons, currently called ‘Dungeons and Dragons Next’, was released a few days ago. The first packet contained some pregens, basic rules and a brief adventure.  This packet has rules for character generation (for at 4 races and 4 classes anyway) as well… Read More »

More Hail Caesar

So another game of Hail Caesar pitching the rebellious Gauls and Romans against Caesar’s loyal legions. It was my turn to run the scenario so here’s the summary. After the initial rebel attack on the loyal legions the local commanders were given the order to make an example of the Gauls. Legions descended on villages… Read More »

Saga – vikings vs welsh

Doc and I played out a good game of Saga yesterday. Playing the escort scenario we had the viking warband trying to get their booty of horses, cows and sheep across the table faced with a welsh force trying to get them back – all played with the basic warbands. I started by screwing up… Read More »

Pulp 2 – Rumble in the Jungle

This report is well overdue and so not that detailed as most of the… details… have been lost in the jungle mists. However, to recap the situation. In our previous episode the cultists had made off with some vital information from the British Museum, whilst the German agents had captured the professor (again) and made… Read More »

Multiplayer Crossfire

Run and reported by Mark – a good time was had by all, thanks. View all of the photos here: On Dec 19th 2011 we played a three table mutiplayer WW2 X Fire game based upon a scenario published by Steven Thomas at Germans caught in  a pocket by Russians and trying to… Read More »