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11th April

Just a quick summary of the action at the club this week. Quite a mixed bag. Horror boardgame action with Kingdom Death (the clue’s in the name), Bolt action in the deserts of North Africa, Steampunk conflict in Warmachine, Wizards battling it out in the ruins of Frostgrave and Napoleonic conflict, somewhere in the 19th… Read More »

Halloween Board Game Special – Betrayed & Sacrificed in the Name of Dark Gods

Halloween Board Game Special With Halloween approaching, eerie voices and distant, disturbing screams could be heard emanating from the basement of a particular Whitnash pub as we played Betrayal at the House on the Hill. Six brave adventurers ventured into a somewhat spooky looking House on the Hill, following an innocent girl’s request for help.… Read More »

Warbowl 2012

It’s soon time for the 2012 Bloodbowl season at the Hod. This year we have set up a new league management site and you can follow games and updates at Season will be kicking off in Feb, so if you are interested in what we get up to, check it out then.

Conflict of Heroes

Tried CoH last night, thanks Chris; have to say really enjoyed the mechanism and the two scenarios we tried required a lot of thought to get right if you wanted to win. The first game I played Russians attacking some dug in German HMG’s across open corn field, needless to say it was a blood… Read More »