About the club

We are a wargames club based in Leamington Spa/Whitnash with a lively Monday club night and a large membership of keen gamers.

We play a wide range of games with a good representation from fantasy, sci fi, and historical. We have players who game in most scales – 6mm, 15mm and 28mm all being popular. Most of the main systems are included and we also enjoy some less well known and independent games.

The club has a large community of RPG players who game a wide range of systmes. We also play a number of board games.

The club is very friendly and welcoming and we are always excited by new systems and ideas for games. You’ll often find a campaign running for something or club members unboxing some new delights.

Your first night at the club is free, so join the forum, find out what’s going on and come down for some miniature fun time!

4 thoughts on “About the club

  1. rich m

    Used to attend a few years ago. Recently got into bolt action. Do memebers play this game?

  2. Carl

    Hi. Im carl im 26 and looking to get back into the hobby. I have a collection of necromunda and have interests in mordheim, warhammer quest and 40k. Could I come down for a visit I have no friends who are interested in the hobby and im looking for like minded people to get started again.

  3. Bryn Williams

    Hi Rich M (and everyone else at Warwickshire Gamers). I have just started getting back in to wargaming after nearly 20 years absence. I am just starting to build a Bolt Action Army and although I have a ways to go I would be interested in finding some local people to play with at some point :)

    1. Tom Abbott Post author

      Hi – lots of Bolt Action played at the club. Sign up to the forum and you can arrange a game.

      Welcome back to the hobby!


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