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Halloween Board Game Special – Betrayed & Sacrificed in the Name of Dark Gods

Betrayal Cover

Halloween Board Game Special

With Halloween approaching, eerie voices and distant, disturbing screams could be heard emanating from the basement of a particular Whitnash pub as we played Betrayal at the House on the Hill.

Six brave adventurers ventured into a somewhat spooky looking House on the Hill, following an innocent girl’s request for help. Storms gathered, lighting flashed and darkness descended.

What could possibly go wrong?

Betrayal Gameplay

Exploring the House on the Hill

Entering the creaky old mansion, the valiant group split up to explore the vast grounds.

Quickly, the House on the Hill proved to be full of nasty surprises. Voices and screams echoed through the halls. A young boy, who had joined the group, became stuck in creepy, unnatural webs in the garden. Other members of the group swore they saw a flaming man, stalking the manor’s graveyard.

And the worst was yet to come!
Betrayal Finale


Sweet innocent girl. A traitor all along. With her beguiling smile, she had lured the group into the house to sacrifice them to dark gods in a hidden pentagram chamber.

Though the startled survivors quickly made a plan to thwart the evil ritual, they found themselves outmatched by the suddenly appearing cultists and the girl herself, who now appeared infused with infernal strength and other dark gifts.

Without mercy, the girl murdered three members of the group and sacrificed their corpses, completing the ritual and …


Happy Halloween!