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Beginners’ RPG game


I’m hoping to finish up the Yggdrasill game at the club by the end of March and noticed that have quite a few new members.  Hence, wondered if there was anyone, especially those who’ve not RPG’d before, who would be interested in trying a beginners’ RPG game one night?

There have been a few introductory boxed sets published recently, linked to popular gaming or media properties and happy to run any of them if people are interested.

Pathfinder Beginner Box


This is an entry set to the popular Pathfinder game by Paizo.  Classical fantasy and based on the d20 v3.5 D&D rules.  Very nice pregens and a fun dungeon crawl

Starlit Citadel Review

Game Geeks review

Dragon Age RPG

The RPG is based on the setting from the computer games of the same name.  Aspires to be a rules-lite dark fantasy.

Dragon Age RPG overview

Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop Part 1

Star Wars Edge of the Empire Beginner Box

In a galaxy far, far, away…. The latest iteration of a Star Wars RPG, this time from Fantasy Flight Games. The first releases focus on ‘fringe’ games – smugglers, bounty hunters.  Cool dice, illustrated pregens and a fun adventure that highlights the various rules.

Tabletop generals

Beginner game and beta