Monthly Archives: March 2012

MDF Scenery

While at the WMMC show I found a stand selling MDF scenery, mainly building but also things like walls and carts.  I have been wondering how good these kits were so decided to invest in a 28mm utility cart as I have been looking for one for a while and at £3.60 it was cheap enough.

The kit comes as a small MDF sheet with all the parts looking like they had been drawn on and certainly not easily removeble but I was wrong, the parts just poped out with a little presure and were sitting on my board in no time.  A brief look at the instruction sheet showed how the part clipped together and dry fitting proved that the parts were a tight fit, certainly tight enough to hold themselved together while the glue was going off.  The only part that proved a problem for me was the axle that partialy snapped while I was trying to force it into place (note force!!) if I had been more patient it would have been fine.

The ony other thing is that one assemble it looks too neat, it all has square edges but a little work with a file or modeling knike will sort that.  Overall I was very impressed with the way it was packaged and the easy of assembly, A small house next I think :)

The company is 4Ground and their web site is

All Hail

It’s been a while since we’ve had any juicy new posts, so thought I’d add a bit of colour with so photos of our return to Hail Caesar this weekend.


Into the valley of death

We were a bit restricted by the available space but still managed to get a taste of what massed 28mm armies can do to the geek salivary glands, much pretty toyness to drool over.  Will aim to post the scenario briefings etc should anyone wish to retry and hopefully one of the participants can give a brief battle report.