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Roman Painting Guide

This isn’t so much a shamless plug for my own blog as a lack of time to copy over, but I’ll put the steps on here once I’m done in tandem.  It’s not exactly a tutorial so much as a dsiplay of how the Army Painter spray and dip can knock out good looking units fast.

Anyway, for starters:

Update: Part I done, I’ll stick the full edited together nicely version here when I’m done and have time

Getting new players into RPG’s: Pathfinder beginner box

Just after Christmas was asked to run a game for two friends and their sons, both about 12.

They were keen to play a fantasy game so thought I’d try the Pathfinder Beginner Box that was released in 2011.

Box comes with simplified rules for players and GM’s with a map, pregens, and cardboard counters for the PC’s and monsters.

We had a great evening – the Dad veterans took the fighter and the cleric, and their sons the rogue and the wizard.  It was a straight forward dungeon crawl culminating in a battle with a young black dragon. The players did very well – tricking, negotiating, and fighting their way past opposition.  Some skeletons caused some anxiety and the Dragon almost defeated the valiant heroes, if it had not been for the cleric sacrificing herself to keep the fighter in the battle.

All in all, took us about 3 hours to play through with no one knowing the system before hand.  One of the lads has since been GM’ing some D+D with his friends and hope we can get another game in at Easter holidays.

Highly recommended.


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