Monthly Archives: July 2011

Coming up – current projects at the club

We are a club that always enjoys new projects. For a taster of what’s coming up here are some current things in progress but yet to make the table.

1. Hail Caesar – we are very excited by the new set of rules from Rick Priestly and Warlord Games. Several of us are busy painting armies for this ruleset and we hope to get something onto the table soon. Currently in preparation are two Roman forces and two celtic hordes.

2. Dystopian Wars, the land stuff – a number of us have been playing the sea/air elements of DW for a few months now, and there is much love being expressed. Now the land forces are being undercoated and painted, so we look forward to getting these onto the table soon.

3. 7TV – a few of us are looking at this ruleset for gameing in the world of 60s/70s action telly and movies. Looks a lot of fun and something to watch.

4. Pulp – Last year we ran a fun campaign for .45 adventures which turned into something of an epic. Hopefully we will soon kick off this years campaign shortly.

There is also developing interest in Pirates with the new Cutless rules.

Keep an eye here for updates on how we get on!

Welcome to Warwickshire Gamers club

Hi there, and welcome to the new website for the Warwickshire Gamers club.

We are still in the process of building this site, so bear with us for now.

More stuff to come!!